The Independence Day and Onam Celebration held on 15th August 2023 at the IEEE Kerala Section Office was a remarkable event that brought together IEEE SPS Professional members, Student Leadership Team (SLT) members, and representatives from various Student Branches. The event was a unique fusion of cultural traditions, insightful discussions, and heartfelt farewells.

The day commenced with attendees donning traditional attire to honor the Onam celebration. This set the tone for the cultural significance and diversity of the event. The morning hours were dedicated to crafting a vibrant flower carpet, an iconic aspect of Onam festivities. The carpet added a burst of color and tradition to the event venue, setting a welcoming ambiance.

M V Rajesh, Advisor to IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter, graced the occasion with an engaging Onappattu performance, showcasing his talents in Malayalam folk songs associated with Onam celebrations.

The subsequent session involved an Execom Meeting and Chairs Meet, where M V Rajesh shared valuable insights. He discussed upcoming SPS events, including plans for I5 in November at Digital University Kerala, and proposed the introduction of an SPS stall and workshop at AKSC to attract more members. Proposal submission guidance, collaborative event concepts, and Student Branch Chapter Growth Reward were also discussed.

The event took a flavorful turn with a traditional Onam Sadhya, a sumptuous feast on banana leaves. Attendees relished various vegetarian dishes, each infused with rich flavors, textures, and aromatic spices, offering an authentic taste of Kerala’s culinary heritage.

The occasion doubled as a farewell party for Mr. Ruben Mathew, the Treasurer of IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter. In appreciation of his dedicated service, Mr. Mathew received a memento. He shared his personal and professional growth stories attributed to his IEEE SPS involvement, along with insights from studying abroad and participating in international programs.

The event concluded with a heartfelt speech by Thomas K Jimmy, the Student Activities Chair of IEEE SPS Kerala Chapter. His words encapsulated the essence of unity, cultural celebration, and academic growth that the event encompassed.

The Independence Day and Onam Celebration on 15th August 2023 united members of IEEE SPS in a day filled with cultural performances, enriching discussions, a traditional feast, and an opportunity to bid farewell to a respected member. The event successfully embodied the commitment and enthusiasm of the IEEE community in Kerala, fostering a sense of togetherness and celebration.