The integration phase of the ‘K12 – The Signal House’ project, organised by the Signal Processing Society, Kerala Section, took place on May 27 and 28, 2023. The event was held at TKM College of Engineering in Kollam. The integration aimed to bring together various components of the mobile kiosk and was led by volunteers from the SIGHT (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology) R&D team. We already had selected and trained a couple of volunteers for the integration and around 15 of them participated in the integration. The volunteers were assigned different tasks, ranging from building circuits to designing and implementing the electrical distribution system in the mobile kiosk.

Event Overview

The integration phase commenced with an introductory session conducted by Mr Abhinav, who provided an overview of the project and its objectives. Following this, tasks were distributed among the different teams, each led by a member of the Signal R&D team. The mobile kiosk was designed to consist of a mother box with an inverter and a 100Ah battery, which supplied power to four daughter boxes through the ‘Daisy chain’ method. The daughter boxes were equipped with foam interiors to accommodate electronic circuits and devices, housed within acrylic boxes.

Progress and Work Allocation

Before commencing the integration work, each team lead presented an introduction to their respective tasks and plans for implementation. The teams then began working to achieve their targets, with an additional team present to coordinate efforts and address any immediate requirements for additional hardware. The volunteers enjoyed flexibility in taking breaks whenever necessary, with ample refreshment breaks scheduled throughout the integration session.

Visitor Engagement

Coinciding with the integration phase, there was an event at the college targeting prospective 9th-grade students. These students had the opportunity to visit the integration session and observe the progress of the ‘K12 – The Signal House’ project. This provided them with valuable exposure to the practical application of knowledge in a hands-on setting.

Integration Schedule

On Day 1, the integration work continued until 10:30 PM, allowing the teams to make significant progress. Day 2 started early at 8:30 AM, and by 6:00 PM, the construction of the mobile kiosk was successfully completed. Towards the end of the event, each team member created a reference guide for the modules they worked on. These guides were later compiled to form a comprehensive manual for the entire mobile kiosk.

Pending Tasks

Although the integration of the mobile kiosk has been completed, there are still some remaining tasks to be addressed. These tasks are planned to be finished by the end of June, ensuring the project’s overall completion and readiness for deployment.

Volunteer Satisfaction and Future Participation

At the conclusion of the integration phase, the participating volunteers expressed a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. They were pleased to have applied the knowledge gained during their college education to create a tangible, hands-on project. Furthermore, they conveyed their interest and intention to participate in similar initiatives in the future.


The integration phase of the ‘K12 – The Signal House’ project at TKM College of Engineering was successfully conducted on May 27 and 28, 2023. The dedicated team of volunteers led by the SIGHT R&D team worked diligently to assemble the mobile kiosk, overcoming challenges and ensuring the completion of critical tasks. The event garnered interest from prospective students, providing them with an opportunity to witness practical applications of signal processing and technology. With pending tasks set to be finalised by the end of June, the ‘K12 – The Signal House’ project is on track to achieve its goals, thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteers involved.